Brin Whisper

Brin Ohmsford with Whisper. Artwork from the original editions of The Wishsong of Shannara.

Moor cats are large cats that can blend in perfectly with their surroundings. They are almost never seen outside of their natural home in the Eastland forests, as their ability to camouflage themselves would not work well anywhere else. They were first depicted in The Wishsong of Shannara.

Notable Moor CatsEdit

  • Shifter and Smoke — Sibling cats that belonged to Cogline during the time of Bremen. Shifter is larger and male while Smoke is smaller and female.
  • Whisper — Male. Belonged to Kimber Boh, Cogline's adopted granddaughter, during the time of the Mord Wraiths.
  • Rumor — Male. Belonged to both Cogline and Walker Boh, Cogline's student.
  • Bandit — Male. Refused to let Pen Ohmsford's company cross his territory in the Slags until Pen used his ability to communicate with animals to convince him to let them pass. Pen named him Bandit for the stripe of darker fur running across his eyes like a mask. Bandit followed Pen far into the Northland and sacrificed himself to protect Pen from the assassin Aphasia Wye.
  • Cinla — Female. Belonged to the Southland sorceress Edinja Orle. Had a distinctive, rare coat of a red-gold color. Was killed by Cymrian when she was holding him and Aphenglow Elessedil captive while Edinja attempted to abduct Arlingfant Elessedil. Edinja was able to sense Cinla's death.

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