The Mord Wraiths are a fictional organization from the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. They were human servants of The Warlock Lord who recovered and were subverted by the Ildatch.

Mord Wraith, a Gnome term for Black Walker, was given to these successors to the Skull Bearers. The Mord Wraiths were feared throughout the lands for tales of their power: men's minds destroyed, bodies blackened by fire, and the ability to move without a trace. The only opposition to them was the Druid Allanon, who tried and failed to penetrate the Maelmord they had created around the Ildatch.

The Mord Wraiths continued to pursue and deter the efforts of Brin Ohmsford and Jair Ohmsford. However, they were destroyed when the Ildatch disintegrated.

The Mord Wraiths had the appearance of tall men in black cloaks whose magic appeared in the form of red fire. At times they carried staffs of burnished witch wood, such as when they summoned a Kraken at Capaal. This incarnaton of the servants of the Ildatch were called "Black Walkers" due to the changes the Ildatch made to them. The last creatures controlled by the Druid Brona were made using the Ildatch into flying beasts called Skull Bearers. The Ildatch on its own choose to only slightly change the humans who were left after Brona was destroyed.

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