The Moric is a character in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. It was a Demon similar to the Changeling in that it was capable of assuming not only the form but the personality of those whom it imitated. However, while the Changeling took the shape and appearance of any living thing, the Moric needed to invade a host and inhabit the skin of the host's body to take on new appearances. Its true appearance was unknown.

When Grianne Ohmsford was sent to the Forbidding, the Moric took her place in the Four Lands. Setting out to end the Forbidding once and for all, the Moric assimilated the Elven Druid Iridia Eleri and set out to manipulate the Federation into destroying Arborlon in order to destroy the Ellcrys. To that end it later possessed Sen Dunsidan, the Federation's Prime Minister.

Ultimately, the Moric was tricked by Pen Ohmsford into returning to the Forbidding, where it met its end at the jaws of a Dragon.

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