Mwellrets are a subspecies of Troll who adapted to live in the swamplands of the deep Eastland. They are mostly resistant to magic and have evolved reptilian physiologies and the ability to contort and alter their body size and shape. They returned to civilization much faster than the other races, and subjugated the Mountain Gnomes of Ravenshorn Mountains. The Gnomes believed the lizard people to command powerful magic that they could not withstand. Some Mwellrets such as Stythys (Wishsong of Shannara) commanded powers of great persuasion and manipulation, probably aided by some form of magic. The Mwellrets used their powers to coerce the weaker human races or 'little people' as they referred to them. They forced their slaves to build a mighty fortess in the Ravenshorn called Graymark, as the capital for their empire. They condemned many thousands of slaves to death in the Caves of Night below Graymark.

The Mwellrets remained an insular people and played no role in the politics of the wider Four Lands. They did not contribute their knowledge and powers to forming the 1st Druid Council of Paranor along with the other races. The lizard people were all but unknown by most of the races, although Dwarves such as Elb Foeraker (Wishsong of Shannara) viewed them with extreme distrust. They typically concealed their unsettling appearances with cowls and cloaks.

During the Second and Third Race Wars, the Mwellrets bargained with the Warlock Lord to provide some of their Gnomes for his army in exchange for their power remaining untouched. However, they later fell prey to the Mord Wraiths, who caused them to sicken to a handful. The Mwellrets were driven from Graymark. The survivors established themselves at the fallen Dwarf citadel of Dun Fee Aran where they ruled the Gnomes who resided there. Their attempts to command the dark magic of the Ildatch were thwarted a few years after the War of the Ildatch by Jair Ohmsford (Indomitable). A number of Mwellrets later served as aids to the warlock known as the Morgawr.

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