Once-men were the Demons' foot soldiers during the end of the great wars when the world was in ruins and all semblances of governments across the world had collapsed leaving it in anarchy.

Origin - The Lies & Subversion Edit

As the old world collapsed into conflict and chaos, the demons of that time recruited humans to their cause with lies and false promises and thus subverted them to the void.

The Lies Edit

The promises went something like this:

"Do you want to know what it will take to survive? A willingness to do what is needed. The world has always belonged to the strongest, the weak has never been meant to inherit anything. You choose which you want to be in this life, by your choice you are either with or against us...choose wisely." =>

Demons had always done this but after the old world had been broken and left in ruins, more was willing to listen to these lies in a world where every day was a struggle.

Most of their numbers was culled from broken armies, scattered remnants of law enforcements bodies, failed militia and other similar sources whom mostly all had come from cultures of guns and violence before the great wars as well as where there was ample hatred.

The Subversion Edit

Once these men and women embraced the lies and propaganda of the demons, they quickly fell into madness. First they changed emotionally and psychologically, then came both the mentally and physical changes until they had shed their humanity layer by layer taking on a look and feel of monster while still retaining a vague similarity to the humans they once been. Other common features was their blank dead eyes and empty expressions but invardly they was no longer anything like humans but more like predatory animals looking for prey.

Activities Edit

The demons used them as soldiers and cannon fodder as they stormed compound after compound in their persuit to kill humans but also used them as guards and jailers in their slave camps across the world. No once-man is known to have survived the end of the great war but their action almost all but exterminated humankind. The only known unmutated human survivors where those who followed the gypsy morph as into safety as the war ended.

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