Panamon Creel is a character in The Sword of Shannara. He is a rogue and a thief who meets Shea Ohmsford and helps him on his quest for the Sword of Shannara.


Panamon lost one hand in an accident; in its place, he has attached the end of a pike. Although he is a thief, he nevertheless has a sense of honor.

After Shea Ohmsford was captured by Gnomes near the Rabb Plains, Panamon and Keltset attacked the Gnomes, intending to rob them, and unintentionally saved Shea in the process. Panamon took Shea's Elfstones, saying that he would sell them for a little money. Shea insisted that the thief take him with him so he might surreptitiously recover the Elfstones. However, while crossing the Streleheim Plains, a Skull Bearer attacked the party. After Panamon was knocked to the ground, Shea asked him to give him the Elfstones to save their lives. He agreed, and Shea and Keltset killed the Skull Bearer, saving the thief's life. They later found in some nearby bushes a Gnome named Orl Fane, who held the Sword of Shannara, although Shea did not recognize the sword at the time. The Gnome was captured by the party of three, but he escaped with the sword afterwards. Panamon agreed to go with Shea to find Orl Fane, which they accomplished, but not before making a harrowing journey through Brona's curtain of darkness and into the Northland.

They finally found the gnome with the help of a group of Trolls. After Shea killed the Warlock Lord, Panamon helped Shea escape the collapsing Skull Mountain. He was injured during the escape, and was forced to battle an approaching Muten while Shea ran at Panamon's urging. The thief was presumed dead until he turned up a few weeks later in Shady Vale to return the Elfstones that Shea had dropped while leaving Skull Mountain.


The Creel bloodline was responsible for the forging of the Sword of Shannara, since it was the blacksmith Urprox Screl, Panamon's ancestor, who forged the sword alongside the Druid Bremen.

Panamon Creel's descendant, Padishar Creel, and his daughter, Damson Rhee, both helped Shea's descendant Par Ohmsford rediscover the Sword of Shannara. This meant that Panamon, Padishar, and Damson all helped a member of the Shannara bloodline seek out the sword their ancestor had forged. Damson married Par after his quest was over, merging the two bloodlines in their descendants.

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