Pied Sanderling is a character in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. He is Captain of the Home Guard during the reign of Kellen Elessedil, King of the Elves, who is also Pied's first cousin.


Early LifeEdit

Pied is a respected Captain. He has a strong friendship with his aide Drumundoon, who thinks similarly to him.

Some years ago, Pied was in love with Kellen's wife, the Queen Arling Elessedil, and they were in a relationship. However, she had higher ambitions, and she instead married Kellen, the future King. She was responsible for Pied's ascension to Captain of the Home Guard, and she often depended on Pied to stop or at least blunt the effects of Kellen's impulsive and poor decision making, as Pied was more cautious and sensible.

War Against the FederationEdit

During a protracted conflict against the Federation, Pied attempts to dissuade the King from opportunistically attacking the Federation airship fleet, as he is suspicious of the favorable circumstances. However, he fails to stop the King from going on the offense or from taking his two sons Kiris and Wencling with him into battle. Indeed, the King, offended by what he saw as Pied stepping out of the bounds of his authority, had angrily dismissed his cousin from the Home Guard before going on the attack against the Federation.

After confirming his suspicions that the Federation had laid a trap for the Elves, Pied attempts to stop Kellen by pursuing the King's airship in one of his own, called the Asashiel. Unfortunately, he is too late and can only watch as the King, his two sons, and most of the Elven airfleet are easily destroyed by the Federation's new diapson crystal weapon when they launch their attack. Although Pied manages to destroy the weapon and damage the Federation airship attacking the Elven fleet, his craft crashes and he is left slightly injured.

After the death of the King and his sons, the regular Elven army deserts the field and Pied is looked to as a leader by the members of the Home Guard. He takes charge of the remaining fighters and manages to rally the shocked and demoralized Elves against the Federation, launching a successful surprise counterattack on the enemy as they pursued the retreating Elves.

After the successful attack the Elves are overjoyed, but the widowed Arling, now Queen of the Elves, arrives at the battlefront, blaming Pied for the death of her sons and for not being subtle enough in his dealings with Kellen to avoid being dismissed by the King from his duties to the Elessedil family.

Arling orders to Pied that he never show his face in Arborlon again if he survives his next assignment, which is to destroy the Federation's other diapson crystal weapon. With the help of Troon, a Tracker and Pied's childhood friend, he leads a daring raid on the Federation camp and manages to destroy the Dechtera, the airship that bears the devastating weapon prototype.

After destroying the weapon and the Dechtera the pair escape, but not before Pied is severely injured and saved at the last minute by Troon, who admits her love for him and rescues him despite his protests to leave him behind. Because their flit is not designed for two people, it crashes in a far off field. Exhausted and injured, they are ultimately found and rescued by a kindly innkeeper who hides them away.

After they recuperate and the Federation/Free-born conflict is ended, Pied and Troon set off to begin a new, anonymous life together away from Arborlon and the Elven nation.

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