Pleysia Ariana is a character in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy. She is an Elven Druid who accompanied the Ard Rhys Khyber Elessedil on her quest for the missing Elfstones. At thirty-six years of age, she was the oldest Druid after Khyber.


When Pleysia joined the Druid Order, she brought her daughter Oriantha with her but told no one that Oriantha was the product of a union between Pleysia and a shape-shifter.

Pleysia also hid the fact that she was dying of an incurable disease. Her hope was that once the Druids finally found out about Oriantha's secret, they'd have no choice but to keep her and raise her after Pleysia had passed on.

When Khyber elected to undertake a quest to find and recover the missing Elfstones, Pleysia was one of the Druids who went. She insisted on bringing Oriantha with her, but refused to tell Khyber why.

Later, when part of the company led by the Ard Rhys became trapped in the Forbidding, Crace Coram fought against a dragon that attacked their party. He was assisted by Oriantha, who shape-shifted into a lupine creature and fought alongside him. However, Crace and Oriantha were both carried off by the dragon as it fled. They both survived the flight on the dragon's back and broke free when the monster dove into a lake.

It was only after Oriantha revealed her ability to shape-shift and was carried off along with Crace Coram that Pleysia was finally forced to reveal the truth to the Ard Rhys. Pleysia then went off on her own into the Forbidding to find her daughter, leaving the rest of the party behind, and she was later killed and beheaded by Demons.

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