Preia Starle is a character in First King of Shannara. Along with Retten Kipp, she is one of two Elven Trackers who becomes part of the company that sets off in search of the Black Elfstone.


Preia was a childhood friend and playmate to Tay Trefenwyd and Jerle Shannara, who were each other's best friends. She loved Jerle and committed herself to him, despite his lack of commitment. Tay was in love with Preia since childhood, but never acted on his love because of his best friend.

Preia is the Tracker that Jerle sends to Paranor to confirm the destruction of the Druids at the hands of the Warlock Lord. As part of the company that goes to search for the Black Elfstone, she is one of a few who survive to make it into the Breakline, and is also the one who discovers the entrance that gets them to Chew Magna. They find the Elfstone but Tay dies on their way back out, as he compromises himself by using the magic of the Elfstone to negate the magic of the Skull Bearers that had pursued them.

On returning to Arborlon, the death of Tay strikes her hard. She confronts Jerle with her feelings for both him and Tay, and asks for his feelings to be made plain and a commitment to be made. With the death of Alyten Ballindarroch, she talks Jerle into marrying her and adopting the last of the Ballindarroch line. Together they are crowned King and Queen of the Elves.

Preia fights by the side of her husband in the Battle of Rhenn and in the final battle with the Warlock Lord on the Streleheim Plains. She is severely hurt and nearly killed by a Skull Bearer in the final battle. She is saved when Jerle manages to drive off the Warlock Lord, forcing him and all the Skull Bearers into flight back to Skull Mountain.

Together, Preia and Jerle they rule the Elven nation with skill. They end up having two children together in addition to the two Ballindarroch children they adopted.

Physical Appearance

Preia is described as having "cinnamon" hair and coppery brown eyes.

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