Quentin Leah is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy. He is the great-great-grandson Morgan Leah and, like Morgan, wields the magical Sword of Leah.


Quentin claims as his cousin Bek Rowe, who grew up with him in the highlands of Leah. The two did many things together, talking of adventures in faraway places. Their chance to live that dream came true when the Druid Walker Boh recruited them for his expedition to Parkasia. Glad to be a part of it, Quentin and his cousin traveled to deliver a message to Walker's associate, the shape-shifter Truls Rohk.

During the expedition, Quentin used the magic of his Sword many times against threats to the company. However, his confidence in the Sword failed after he was forced to destroy a wronk, a cyborg made from the living remains of his Elven friend, the Home Guard Captain Ard Patrinell. Tired of fighting, Quentin simply wanted to return home. Over the remainder of the journey, Quentin was severely injured. He died eighteen years after his return to the Four Lands, and it is unknown whether he left behind any children to continue his line and wield the Sword of Leah.

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