Quickening was a female Elemental created and sent out into the world by her father, the King of the Silver River, to stop Uhl Belk from turning the world to stone. Traveling from the Silver River, she went first to Culhaven, where she restored the Meade Gardens as a gift to the Dwarves, whose lands were occupied by the Federation.

Along her journey Quickening recruited several allies: Pe Ell, who had been sent by Rimmer Dall to kill her; Morgan Leah, who along the way fell madly in love with her; and Walker Boh, whom she put on the path to become a Druid after healing him from the poison of the Asphinx.

At the end of her quest, Quickening fell upon Pe Ell's weapon, the Stiehl, of her own volition, as it was the only weapon that could hurt her. She sacrificed herself to heal the land of Eldwist and to stop Uhl Belk's advance into the Four Lands. Her sacrifice also mended the broken Sword of Leah, her final act as a gift of love to the Highlander.


  • An Airship was named after the Elemental being.


Druid covercleanversion

Quickening finds Walker Boh among the ruins of Hearthstone and endeavors to heal him. Painted by Keith Parkinson for the original cover of The Druid of Shannara.

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