The Rabb Plains run north to south on the western border of the Eastland. The Rabb has its borders as follows, the Charnal Mountains and Jannisson Pass to the north, the whole of the Eastland to the east, with the Wolfsktaag Mountains taking up most of that, the Silver River to the south, and the Rabb River to the separating it from the Dragon's Teeth and Runne Mountains.

The Rabb Plains, like the Streleheim, are not the home to any significant number of people of any Race. It is used for travel and trade, largely with a small smattering of homes and hamlets spread throughout it, primarily by Men, Dwarves and Gnomes. The only village of any significant size being the village of Storlock.

Notable FeaturesEdit

Through travel on the whole Rabb Plains the Dragon's Teeth are clearly visible. The Plains are completely flat, devoid of any noticeable natural obstructions. The only thing that grows on the plains are little scrub trees and scrub brush. The ground is compromised of hard packed earth, so dry in parts that is split apart jagged crevices covering some distance.


Storlock is a small village on the northeastern end of the Rabb Plains on the way to the mouth the Pass of Jade. It is home to a small group of Gnomes who are known the world over for their healing skills.

Rabb RiverEdit

The Rabb River does not find its origin in the Borderlands or the Rabb River, but it flows a great length here coming out of the Upper Anar moving to the western end of the Rabb Plains to the base of the Dragon's Teeth and then flowing south along that mountain range till it connects with the Mermidon River until together they flow into Rainbow Lake.

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