Redden Alt Mer, who is called Big Red by his friends, is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy. He is a Rover, a famous airship captain, and the half-brother of Rue Meridian, or Little Red.


Big Red is famous for his luck—he has never been brought down in battle, nor has he received any serious injuries, and he has escaped death numerous times.

Before his involvement in the Druid Walker Boh's expedition to Parkasia, Redden Alt Mer captained the airship Black Moclips under the Federation's command. In truth, Alt Mer had cared little for the Federation's war and was only participating as a mercenary. His services came to an end when he defied an order to attack damaged airships, and he was briefly imprisoned. He escaped later with the aid of his sister and next offered his services to Walker Boh. Big Red got the job and became captain of the Jerle Shannara.

While on the journey to Parkasia, Big Red trained Bek Ohmsford in the workings of airships. Shortly after arriving in Parkasia, Red and his crew were captured, but they managed to escape. After a series of repairs, Alt Mer flew the Jerle Shannara in an harrowing chase through the mountains of Parkasia, eventually crashing and necessitating the need for further repairs. Big Red later commandeered Black Moclips from the Morgawr and used it to attack the enemy airships, a fleet of about two dozen. Amazingly, Redden Alt Mer apparently still had his famous luck, for he took down every enemy ship and survived to tell the story.

Because his sister Rue married Bek Ohmsford, Big Red became the uncle of Penderrin Ohmsford.

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