Biographical information
  • Unknown
  • General
Physical description
  • Male
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Brown
Skin color
  • Brown
  • Leader of The Crimson
  • The Crimson
Character information
Portrayed By
  • Desmond Chiam

General Riga is an original character created for The Shannara Chronicles who will appear in Season 2. Formerly a revered general in the army of the Elven King Eventine Elessedil, he is now the leader of an extremist group of Elven soldiers known as The Crimson.


The re-emergence of magic has the populace of the Four Lands terrified, and an organization called The Crimson is hunting down magic users, using fear and intimidation to sow discord among the races.

After watching his people slaughtered in the Third War of the Races and then fighting the Dagda Mor and his horde of Demons, Riga became convinced that the source of all problems in the Four Lands was neither good nor evil but magic itself. Thereafter, he became leader of The Crimson.

Changes made for the TV AdaptationEdit

  • The Crimson is likely a proxy or substitute for the Federation, the main governing body of the Race of Man. The Federation is opposed to the use of magic and is also a key antagonist in many of the Shannara novels. The Crimson could also be a nod to the Red Slash, a unit of the Federation military featured in The Darkling Child.
  • The TV series takes place around the time of The Elfstones of Shannara, a time when Elves weren't necessarily opposed to the use of magic. However, in later Shannara novels Elves do develop an abhorrence and distrust for magic, to the point that Elves like Khyber and Aphenglow Elessedil who choose to become Druids are viewed as dangerous outcasts.

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