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Rimmer Dall is a fictional character from The Heritage of Shannara series by Terry Brooks. He is the leader of the evil Shadowen, a group of magic users who will stop at nothing to possess all magic. He is also influential in the Federation government, serving, ironically, as First Seeker of the anti-magic force.


Rimmer Dall first appears to arrest Par and Coll Ohmsford for Par's use of the Wishsong. He later appears to Par in the vault of the Sword of Shannara, revealing himself to be a Shadowen and claiming that Par is one as well. He lets Par take the Sword, all the while planning to possess his body and the magic within it. To accomplish this, he captures Coll, then tricks him into donning a magic cloak that begins to turn him into a Shadowen.

While this is going on, Dall also sets up other operations. He leads a party of bestial Shadowen to Hearthstone, confronting and seemingly killing Cogline and leaving Walker Boh barely alive. He also dispatches the assassin Pe Ell to kill Quickening, daughter of the King of the Silver River. He later dispatches the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to dispose of Walker and dispatches a Shadowen named Tib Arne to capture Wren Elessedil. However, his focus remains on Par, whom he manages to capture.

Dall is defeated, however, when the Scions of Shannara storm Southwatch. Caught in a battle with Walker Boh, Dall is unable to stop Par from releasing the captured magic imprisoned beneath Southwatch, which then pulls its extracted energies from all the Shadowen, turning Dall to dust.

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