Rone Leah is a character in The Wishsong of Shannara. He is the great-grandson of Menion Leah, the youngest of many brothers in the House of Leah, and is the first of the Leah line to carry the Sword of Leah after it has been imbued with the magic of the Hadeshorn.


Rone is, like his ancestor, a close friend of the Ohmsford family, particularly Brin Ohmsford and her brother Jair. His pet name for Jair is "Tiger" and his favorite expression is "for cat's sake," which later leads to a number of humorous moments with Whisper, a moor cat.

When the Druid Allanon comes to Shady Vale seeking Brin's help in destroying the Ildatch and the Mord Wraiths, Rone argues against it, but when Brin decides to go he comes along as her protector. Rone is distrustful of Allanon and is convinced he is merely out to use Brin.

After multiple clashes with the Druid, the Highlander demands that Allanon give him something that would significantly help him in protecting Brin, and the Druid imbues the Sword of Leah with magic by having Rone dip the blade in the waters of the Hadeshorn and then using his Druid fire to fuse the waters into the blade.

Rone quickly grew addicted to the magic's power, but continued to serve as Brin's protector and close friend. During a foolish attempt to aid Allanon in battle against a vicious Jachyra, Rone was injured and knocked unconscious, losing the Sword of Leah. After recovering with the help of Brin's wishsong, he and Brin reclaimed the sword with the help of Cogline, Kimber Boh, and Whisper, and with their new friends he and Brin set out to finish what they started.

When Brin abandoned Rone and entered the Maelmord alone to seek out the Ildatch, Rone battled against Mord Wraiths with Cogline, Kimber, and Whisper in the sewers of Graymark at the entrance to the Maelmord. With Jair's help, Brin was able to destroy the Ildatch and the Mord Wraiths, and all three survived to return home to the Southland.


After the quest to destroy the Ildatch Rone and Brin married. Their combined bloodline would culminate in Walker Boh, who fulfills the Druid trust Allanon imbued in Brin's bloodline by restoring Paranor to the Four Lands and becoming a Druid himself.

Physical Appearance

Rone is described as having gray eyes and shoulder-length, rust-brown hair that he keeps tied back with a broad headband. He is tall and rangy, just slightly taller than Brin.