Rue Meridian, also known as Little Red, is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and High Druid of Shannara trilogies. She is a Rover and the half-sister of the famous airship pilot, Redden Alt Mer, or Big Red.


Rue shares Big Red's skills with airships and flaming red hair. She and her brother are Rovers, and they and several of their kin were employed by the Federation as airship crew. However, her brother disobeyed orders and was thrown in jail by the Federation. Rue rescued him, and they escaped to March Brume. There, Walker Boh hired them to crew his expedition on the airship, the Jerle Shannara. On the trip Rue met, and fell in love with, Bek Ohmsford. When the quest was finished, she and Bek married and made their home on the shore of the Rainbow Lake. There, they raised their son Penderrin. When Penderrin was fifteen, Grianne Ohmsford, Bek's sister and the reformed Ilse Witch, was kidnapped, and her assistant, Tagwen, sought them out for help. Rue and Bek were away in the Eastland, so Tagwen had Penderrin help him instead. During their expedition, Bek and Rue were brought to Paranor by the Druid traitors and held captive. They escaped with the aid of Trefen Morys and Bellizen, Druids still loyal to Grianne. They later returned to help overthrow Shadea a'Ru, the Druid behind Grianne's disappearance. Rue Meridian is an expert knife thrower and continues to distrust Grianne, not forgetting her crimes as the Ilse Witch.

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