Saffron Elfstones

Saffron Elfstones

The Saffron Elfstones are one of the five known sets of colored Elfstones. They first appear in Witch Wraith and are discovered alongside three other sets of Elfstones, including crimson, emerald and white. The only known power of the Saffron Elfstones is the ability to defend the bearer from other forms of magic or those who wield it.

History Edit Edit

WARNING: Plot spoilers to Witch Wraith follow.

Not much is known regarding the Saffron Elfstones' origins. It can be presumed they were created along with the other sets of colored Stones, including the Blue Elfstones.

In the time of ancient Faerie, the Darkling boy Charis stole the Saffron Elfstones from the Elves, along with its crimson, emerald and white counterparts. Charis left his love, the Elven princess Aleia Omarosian, the Seeking Stones so that she could come and find him.

When Aleia became the first Ellcrys and initially created the Forbidding, the stolen Elfstones were transported to the alternate dimension along with Charis. As the creatures of the Forbidding despised the Elven magic they had no use of, the stolen Elfstones were discarded with a cache of other talismans in a menacingly dark cavern that later became known as the Kroat Abyss.

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Saffron Elfstones

There the Stones lay for untold millenia. Occasionally foragers in the Forbidding would happen upon the cache of talismans, including Weka Dart and his young niece, Tesla Dart. However, seeing as the Jarka Ruus had no use for as well as an innate fear of the Elven magics, the Elfstones were largely undisturbed.

The stolen Elfstones were eventually recovered by a party consisting of Redden Ohmsford, the shape-shifterOriantha, and Tesla Dart during Tael Riverine's march on the Four Lands. Shortly after the small group discovered the ancient cache, they were found and attacked by a servant of the Straken Lord. Redden used the Crimson Elfstones in a desperate attempt to save their lives. He combined the awesome power of the Elfstones with his own Wishsong to utterly destroy their pursuers. He decided then to keep the Crimson Elfstones on his person, rather than stow them away with the rest of the Elfstones.

Redden used the Crimson Elfstones later, during a penultimate showdown against the witch wraith. He combined magics again to nearly defeat the witch, before the Forbidding's walls were again renewed and she was transported away, along with Tesla Dart who was carrying the emerald, saffron and white Elfstones.

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