Baen DrawEdit


The Breakline is a series of very steep and craggy mountains that are the northern extension of the Kensrowe Mountains. The reach into Kershalt Territory in the Northland. The Elves do not venture here much, and few if any of the Races are known to live or travel in the Breakline.

Halys CutEdit

Hoare FlatsEdit

Hoare Flats is a dry, cracked desert area that stretches out past the Kensrowe Mountains on till it reaches the coast at the Blue Divide. It was somewhere in the Hoare Flats that the demons broke through the Forbidding and begun their attack on the Elves and the Ellcrys in the War of the Forbidding


The Innisbore is a vast lake on the west end of the Sarandanon that butts up against the Kensrowe Mountains on the west and north sides. It is feed by the swift and wide Rill Song.

Kensrowe MountainsEdit

The Sarandanon is bordered on the north end by the Kensrowe Mountains. Steep and largely impassable mountains except at a few places.

Chew MagnaEdit

Ancient fortress located deep in the Kensrowe. It is here that the Black Elfstone is located by Tay Trefenwyd and Jerle Shannara during the First King of Shannara.

Worl RunEdit

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