Shadea a'Ru is a character in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. She was the leader of the mutinous Druid faction who rebelled against their controversial leader, the Ard Rhys Grianne Ohmsford, and staged a coup by sending her away into the Forbidding.


Early LifeEdit

Shadea was a soldier for the Federation forces along the Prekkendorran until she was raped and beaten by several soldiers and left to drown in a river. She was saved by an old man who taught her magic in exchange for her love, and when he died she left to join the newly-reformed Druid Order at Paranor.

The Coup Against Grianne OhmsfordEdit

After some time, Shadea staged a coup against Grianne, the Ard Rhys. Using a magic called liquid night which she received from Sen Dunsidan but which was actually obtained by Iridia Eleri, she sent Grianne into the Forbidding and took her place as the "acting" Ard Rhys. Shadea also dismissed the Troll Guard Grianne had set up to protect Paranor to ensure that their loyalty to the banished Ard Rhys wouldn't end up being a problem for her later.

Shadea then then ordered that Grianne's brother Bek and his family be found and brought to Paranor, where they would either be convinced by the remaining Druids that Grianne had vanished, or failing that, be killed. But when Shadea sent Terek Molt to look for the Ohmsfords, Bek's young son Pen Ohmsford escaped along with Grianne's assistant Tagwen. Pen and Tagwen joined forces with Ahren Elessedil, a former Druid friendly to the Ard Rhys, and Ahren's young niece Khyber Elessedil, a novice who was being trained in Druid magic by her uncle.

Besides Terek, who was ultimately killed by Ahren and Khyber, Shadea also sent the deadly assassin Aphasia Wye to hunt down and kill Pen and his companions. However, the assassin was ultimately killed by the tanequil while he was pursuing Pen in Stridegate.

Shadea was later killed by Grianne with the help of Kermadec and Atalan, members of the banished Troll Guard, after Pen had used the darkwand to bring Grianne back from the Forbidding.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shadea is described as having short blond hair, blue eyes, and a fit body. She is physically imposing, standing six feet tall and possessing broad shoulders, and she has an intimidating presence, as befits a former Federation soldier.

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