This is a genealogy for the main characters from Terry Brooks' Shannara series of fantasy novels.

Jerle Shannara Preia Starle
Curzad Ohmsford Unknown Ander Elessedil Unknown
Flick Ohmsford Shea Ohmsford


Jak Ohmsford Unknown
Wil Ohmsford Eretria
Kimber Boh Unknown Rone Leah Brin Ohmsford Jair Ohmsford Unknown
Unknown female Ohmsford Unknown male Elessedil
Ellenroh Elessedil Unknown
Risse Boh Kenner Ohmsford Jaralan Ohmsford Mirianna Alleyne Elessedil Unknown male Wing Rider
Walker Boh Coll Ohmsford Par Ohmsford Damson Rhee Wren Elessedil
Araden Ohmsford Biornlief
Rue Meridian Bek Ohmsford Grianne Ohmsford

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