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Shea Ohmsford

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Shea Ohmsford
Shannara character
Race Half-Elf,Half-Human
Gender Male
Hair colour Blond
Eye colour Blue
Loyalty Himself, Flick and Curzad Ohmsford, Allanon, Menion Leah, Panamon Creel
First appearance The Sword of Shannara
Birth Unknown, adopted by Curzad Ohmsford, descended from Jerle Shannara
Death Between The Elfstones of Shannara and The Wishsong of Shannara

Shea Ohmsford is the main character of Terry Brooks' novel, The Sword of Shannara. He and his brother, Flick, go on many adventures in the struggle to defeat The Warlock Lord. Shea is half-Elven, the adopted son of the Ohmsfords. His father was an Elf and his mother was human, a distant cousin of the Ohmsfords who left him with them before she died. He was born in the Westland but has few memories of it. It is revealed that he is the last surviving descendant of Jerle Shannara, the Elven King who defeated the Warlock Lord centuries ago. As such, he is the only one alive who can wield the Sword of Shannara, the magical talisman that could destroy the Warlock Lord forever. He is the grandfather of Wil Ohmsford. Even though he is much smaller than his brother and the rest of the party going to Pananor, he has the most courage of them all, as he is the only one left who can wield the great Sword of Shannara.

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