Shella leah

Shella, as depicted in the computer game.

Shella Leah is a character in the Shannara computer game. She was the daughter of Menion, the King of Leah. Menion trained her as a scout and tracker and gave her a locket, telling her never to lose it. While she was little, Shella saw Shea Ohmsford visiting her father, and she became friends with his son, Jak Ohmsford.

Some twenty years after the defeat of Brona, Shella was out hunting and lost her locket when she was bathing in the Rappahalladran River and a magpie came and stole it. While looking for it, she heard a monster and ran toward it, but a log fell on her. Then she saw a much older Jak wandering in the woods but recognized him after these years. After Jak helped her by removing the log, Shella returned the favor by shooting a monster that had been stalking behind him. He also gave her the locket, which he had found by chance. They went back together to Menion as Jak was bringing a message to Menion from the Druid Allanon that Leah was in danger.

Once there, Thomas told Shella that her father fell ill two evenings earlier. With the help of Jonas the herbalist, they found out that Menion was poisoned by dreaddire, and quickly prepared an antidote. The next day Menion was healed and Allanon came to warn him that the Warlock Lord had returned. Shella wanted to join Jak on his quest, but Menion forbade her to go and ordered the gates of Leah shut. Shella devised a plan, and using a secret passage from the royal mansion, they left the city.

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