Simralin Belloruus is a character in the Genesis of Shannara trilogy. She is the older sister of Kirisin Belloruus and known as the best Elven Tracker of her time. She assists Kirisin in his quest for the Elfstones and the Loden.

Simralin accompanies her brother Kirisin to the tombs in search of the Blue Elfstones where she injures the demon Delloreen after it kills Erisha Belloruus.

Later she flees with Kirisin and Angel Perez, a Knight of the Word, in order to find the Loden. Once it is found she is injured by the demon posing as Culph but manages to save Kirisin from being hypnotized by the demon by stabbing it in the back.

On their return to the Elven city of Arborlon her partner Tragen is revealed to be a demon and is killed by Kirisin with the Elfstones after it kills members of the Elven Council.

After Arborlon is encased within the Loden, Simralin is separated from her brother as she fights with the other Elves to hold back the demon army. The Elves then split up into groups, and Simralin is the only survivor of her group after they are set upon by demons. She is later found by another Knight of the Word, Logan Tom, after he saw her hot-air balloon.

Over time Logan and Simralin fall in love. She ends upsaving his life by summoning the magic of the Elfstones and helping to destroy the demon Findo Gask.

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