Sirens are creatures deadly to the peoples of the Southland and Eastland. They inhabit the rough terrain of the Battlemound Lowlands in the Southland specifically.


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Sirens appear to others initially as beautiful young woman singing and dancing. It is the singing that at first brings prey in, as the voice has a mesmeric sound. The singing dispels any doubts that the wanderer might have about the oddity of a woman singing miles from civilization.[1] When drawn close enough by the singing, the prey will see a small twisted tree, with gnarled branches that will remind one of willow roots.[1] Next to the tree will be a young woman singing and dancing, oblivious to all who might come by. The singing will bring the prey close, and the young woman will beckon for the wanderer to sit near her beneath the tree. She will not stop singing during this whole time.[1]

When close enough the vision of the young woman will disappear leaving the victim alone with the tree.[2] The tree will attack with its roots, opening up the ground to release them. The roots will try to immobilize the victim. Failing that the Siren has needles on its branches. It will strike by shooting hundreds of these needles which are short by deadly looking. Not strong enough and large enough to penetrate even the most basic armor, the Siren counts on quantity with its needle attack. The sheer number will penetrate most everyone's defense somewhere, likely in multiple spots. They will break off easily leaving the tips embedded within the exposed skin.[3] These needles bring with the a poison that will slowly drug the victim to unconsciousness, numbing out the nervous system[3], so that the tree can feed at a later date.

The tree itself can also move in a sliding/stretching like fashion.[2] Which might be one of the reasons for the attack with the needles, as the Siren is unable to catch people through movement alone. Drawing them with the hypnotic singing, followed by immobilization with its roots or its needles is quite effective.

Swords are not very useful against the Siren.[4] Though blunt weapons can be very effective in damaging or killing a Siren as well as a well placed arrow in the vital parts of the tree.[3]

In the NovelsEdit

The Sword of ShannaraEdit

In The Sword of Shannara, Menion Leah is crossing through the Battlemound Lowlands in an attempt to cross the path of the Ohmsford brothers. It is on this journey that he is lured in by the singing of a Siren. The encounter nearly proves fatal for him, but he is saved from the deadly creature by the passing of a Dwarf named Hendel, whom is familiar with the ways of Sirens.


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