Skint is a character in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy. He is a Gnome Tracker recruited by the Druid Carrick on Khyber Elessedil's quest for the missing Elfstones.


Carrick had known Skint from childhood in the Eastland, where Carrick's father had managed a mining business. His father used Skint as a hunter and trapper to feed his workers and protect his operation, which was a long way from civilization.

As a boy Carrick had spent time with Skint and so he knew firsthand how clever the Gnome could be: he was exceedingly adept at finding his way through places he'd never seen before, at reading signs, and at ferreting out dangers. Carrick convinced Khyber of Skint's value to her expedition, and he found and recruited Skint in a small village at the foot of the Wolfsktaag Mountains in the Anar.

Besides acting as the expedition's Tracker, Skint acted as a navigator on Quickening, the party's airship.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Skint is described as "small, dark-faced, and decidedly uncommunicative."

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