The Southland is a region in the Four Lands, the fictional world where Terry Brooks' Shannara series is set. [1][2]French map of the Southland


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[edit] OverviewEdit

The Southland is inhabited mostly by men. It was largely divided with the largest country being the Borderland of Callahorn until the Federation took over the Southland after the passing of the Druids. The largest city of Callahorn is the Border City of Tyrsis. Other cities include Varfleet, Leah and Kern. But these cities pale in comparison to the cities of the deep Southland, that formed the core of the Federation, cities such as Arishaig (the Federation capital) Wayford, Sterne, Dechtera, Pia, and Zolomach, all of which are sprawling industrialized cities. It also contains the village of Shady Vale, where Shea and Flick Ohmsford were raised. The Southland is separated from the Northland by the Dragon's Teeth mountains. It reaches as far as Lower Anar and Wolfsktaag Mountains in the east and Irrybis Mountains in the West. The southern border is unknown.

[edit] PlacesEdit

[edit] Silver River CountryEdit

The Silver River Country stretches from the point where the Silver River flows into Rainbow Lake to the point where it reaches the Anar forests. It is the home of the King of the Silver River, the last faerie creature in the Four Lands apart from Uhl Belk.

[edit] LocationsEdit

[edit] CallahornEdit

Main article: CallahornCallahorn is the country north of the Rainbow Lake and between the Irrybis Mountains and the Mountains of Runne. It is known as the Borderland because it borders the Dragons Teeth Mountains and the Northland. Before the fading of the Druids and the attack of the Federation, Callahorn was a country of its own. For years, it protected the rest of the Southland from the Northland. At the time of the Third War of the Races, Callahorn stood virtually alone against the attack of the Warlock Lord's armies.

[edit] Kingdom of LeahEdit

Main article: Leah (Shannara)The Kingdom of Leah is situated in the Highlands south of Rainbow Lake, and thus the people of Leah are often referred to as Highlanders. The Sword of Leah, which was made to defend against magic at the time that Rone Leah had possession of it, hails from the royal family of Leah.

[edit] Shady ValeEdit

Shady Vale is a village in the Duln Forests where almost all the Ohmsfords who play a major role in the fate of the Four Lands hail from, beginning from Shea Ohmsford and his brother Flick.

[edit] Geographical featuresEdit

[edit] Duln ForestEdit

The Duln Forest is located West of Rappahalladran River. Its major feature is isolated community of Shady Vale. It is bordered in the North and in the East by the Rappahalladran River

[edit] Mist MarshEdit

The Mist Marsh is a barely passable swampland west of Leah. Foul creatures dwell there making it dangerous, more so at night.

[edit] Rainbow LakeEdit

The Rainbow Lake is the largest body of water in the Four Lands. It is located in the middle of Southland. It is widely used for fishing. Three Rivers flow into it: Silver, Rappahalladran, and Mermidon.

[edit] Mermiddon RiverEdit

The Mermiddon River starts in the Rock Spur mountains in the Westland. From there it flows east passing through PyKon. Kern is located on the Mermidon river. It also separates the Mountains of Runne from the Dragon's Teeth. Few tributaries feed it along the way. It changes its direction from eastward to southward in the Mountains of Runne, flows past Varfleet and empties into Rainbow Lake from north. Before Kern was burned the river was used as a commercial pathway between Kern and Varfleet.

[edit] Rappahalladran RiverEdit

The Rappahalladran River flows through southern part of Southland separating Duln Forest from the Highlands of Leah. It empties into Rainbow Lake from the south. A tributary with an unknown name (some say that it is part of the Rappahalladran river therefore bearing same name) flows into it from southwest. Origin of the Rappahalladran river is unknown because it flows from the unexplored land south of the Southland.

[edit] Silver RiverEdit

The Silver River flows through the Eastland and empties into Rainbow lake. It is home to the legendary Faerie, The King of the Silver River, who has helped the Ohmsfords several times.

[edit] Runne MountainsEdit

The Runne Mountains are the only mountains in the Southland. They are located either side of the Mermidon River valley, between Varfleet and Rainbow Lake.

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