Stenmin is a character in The Sword of Shannara. He was a treacherous mystic who sought to claim the kingship of Callahorn as his own. To accomplish this, he poisoned Ruhl Buckhannah, the king, and drugged Ruhl's son, Palance Buckhannah, greatly weakening the prince's sense of judgement. Stenmin also tried to get rid of Palance's beloved, Shirl Ravenlock, and blame it on Palance's brother, Balinor, but this was thwarted by Menion Leah. The mystic gained the prince's trust and became Palance's personal adviser, and the king died, although this was kept secret from everyone but Stenmin. Palance then became king, thus giving the evil mystic the power to disband the Border Legion of Callahorn through the new king. When Balinor appeared to warn Tyrsis of the approaching Northland army, Stenmin had Palance throw him in prison with Durin and Dayel, the elves accompanying him. Balinor broke out with the help of Menion, whom Stenmin had tried to kill after he arrived; Stenmin killed Palance and escaped. Balinor regained control of the city just in time to reorganize the Border Legion and prepare for the Northlanders' attack, but Stenmin attempted to let the enemy army into the city through a secret passage below the palace, revealing that he was an ally of The Warlock Lord. Hendel and Menion prevented the army from entering, but Hendel was killed by Stenmin's guards. It is suggested that Menion then beheaded the mystic.

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