Stythys is a character in The Wishsong of Shannara. He is a Mwellret who is imprisoned in the fortress of Capaal and covets the wishsong magic of Jair Ohmsford.


Like all Mwellrets Stythys had shape-shifting abilities, but he also commanded powerful magic. He was one of the few Mwellrets to survive the onslaught of the Mord Wraiths, who took over the Mwellrets' domain and subjects. Stythys was later found near Capaal by a patrol of Dwarves and imprisoned in the fortress in case he could prove useful. That time came when Jair, accompanied by the Gnome Slanter and others, arrived at Capaal on the way to Graymark, the former home of the Mwellrets.

Jair's party began to have troubles with Stythys after the Mwellret detected magic in Jair's voice, that of the wishsong. Using his shape-shifting abilities, he escaped his cell and kidnapped Jair during the confusion of a Mord Wraith attack. Taking the Valeman to the Gnome prisons of Dun Fee Aran, he attempted to obtain Jair's magic. Just as Stythys was about to discover the magical items Jair had obtained from the King of the Silver River, the Valeman was rescued by Slanter and Garet Jax, who captured Stythys.

Traveling towards Graymark, the company had Stythys guide them into the Caves of Night, where Stythys could summon magic to light their path through the dangerous Procks. However, Stythys' determination to possess Jair's magic led him to surprise the company and grab Jair, holding a knife to the Valeman's throat. Unfortunately for the Mwellret, the combination of Jair's wishsong, a quick surprise attack from Slanter, and Garet's severing of the rope that bound him to Stythys led to Jair being freed and Stythys falling to his death, into the crushing jaws of a Prock.

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