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The Black Elfstone

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Black Elfstone
Used by Tay Trefenwyd, Allanon, Uhl Belk, Walker Boh
Magical properties drains the magic from others
First appearance The First King of Shannara
Creation Unknown
Destruction Unknown

The Black Elfstone is a large black gem combining all the elements of three normal Elfstones into one talisman. The Black Elfstone is a powerful magic that nothing can stand against. It has the power to negate other magics, the price to pay being that the magics negated transfers to the holder of the Stone.

Alone it undid a massive force (including several Skull Bearers) sent to capture it in The First King of Shannara, killing them all, while unfortunately inflicting terrible damage its user Tay Trefenwyd when all their evil magic was transferred to him. He had to commit suicide to prevent himself from transforming into something terrible shortly afterwards.

Bremen recovered the elfstone and gave it to Allanon as a means to seal (and unseal) the Druid's Keep. At some point, Allanon hid it in the Hall of Kings. Uhl Belk later stole it to use against his son. Belk's use of the stone also transferred his son's magic into him, slowly turning him to stone.

After its recovery by Walker Boh, Morgan Leah, Quickening, Horner Dees and Pe Ell in The Druid of Shannara, the Black Elfstone was the means by which Paranor was returned to the Four Lands by Walker Boh. When the magic of the Druid Well that had sealed away the keep was absorbed into Walker, he was chosen to be the next Druid.

Use in the NovelsEdit

First King of ShannaraEdit

A quest for the Black Elfstone was a central theme in the Novel First King of Shannara in which the Elfstone first appears. Bremen understood the heavy price that is paid for using the Elfstone, but he also understands the incredible destructive force that it wields and what that would mean if in the hands of the Warlock Lord. He asks Tay Trefenwyd to embark on a quest to find the Elfstone and keep it from the Warlock Lord.

Tay journeyed with a group of Elves organized by his childhood best friend Jerle Shannara to the Breakline and eventually found it in an ancient castle called Chew Magna. Tay successfully used his magic to retrieve the Black Elfstone. The surviving members of the group fled as the castle crumbled to dust around them. At they escaped from the castle, their way was blocked by a group of two Skull Bearers and nearly one hundred Gnomes.

Tay uses the Black Elfstone at this point. Within seconds he destroys all the forces arrayed against he and his friends. They all disappear, and all the evil, power and magic they possess moves into Tay. He immediately feels himself changing, and not for the better. Rather than become evil and powerful, he chooses to kill himself.[1]

Jerle Shannara returns to Arborlon with the Elfstone, hiding it until Bremen's return. Jerle then gives the Elfstone to Bremen, who in turn keeps it until he death. At that time he hands the Elfstone to Allanon.



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