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  • This page refers to the fantasy novel. For the magical talisman, see Black Elfstone.

The Black Elfstone is the first book in Terry Brooks' upcoming tetralogy The Fall of Shannara. The events chronicled in these upcoming four books take place after the events of The Defenders of Shannara trilogy, and the tetralogy is explicitly meant to be the chronological “end” of the Shannara storyline. However, Brooks has not ruled out writing future Shannara novels that take place earlier in the timeline.

The Black Elfstone will be published on June 13, 2017.


The Four Lands has been at peace for generations, but now a mysterious army of invaders is cutting a bloody swath across a remote region of the land. No one knows who they are, where they come from, or what they are after—and most seem content to ignore these disturbing events. The only people who sense a greater, growing threat and wish to uncover the truth are society’s outcasts: an exiled High Druid, a conflicted warrior, a teenage girl struggling to master a prodigious magic... and a scrappy young orphan, improbably named Shea Ohmsford.

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