After 1,000 years, the Earth more or less recovered from the cataclysm of the Great Wars, but with the exception of the shattered ruins of man’s greatest cities, the world as the human race knew it was gone. New races were born from the old, genetically mutated by radiation from the Great Wars. These mutant human races were given names from man's ancient fairy tales: Troll, Dwarf, and Gnome. No longer threatened, the surviving Elves came out of hiding. Chaos ensued as the four races each tried to declare their power over the other.

Fearing that the chaos would lead to the end for all of them, an Elf named Galaphile Galaphile gathered learned men and women from all the races—those who preserved the skills and knowledge of the Old World. He called them together to The Druid Keep in the lower Northland to form the First Druid Council, whose goal was to bring peace and order to the land.

Under the order of the Druids, the earth was divided up into the Four Lands, one territory for each race.

Legacy Edit

After the council met, they members spread out to all corners of the world in search of the arts, and other lost knowledge, hoping to prevent another Great War. At first they were successful. Then a few members, came together and decided that magic, not knowledge would better help the world.

If this council had not met, there never would have been druids. Without them, on one hand the Warlock would never had existed. But, on the other hand there would never have been the helping hand to guide the races of the world.

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