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Map of the Four Lands in First King of Shannara

The Four Lands is the fictional world where Terry Brooks' Shannara series is set.

Each land, named after the compass point it faces, is home to a certain race of people.

The Four LandsEdit

The NorthlandEdit

The Northland is the home of the Troll race and many Gnome tribes. The Northland features much rocky terrain and mountains, along with swamplands and deserts. At one time, the most important area in the Northland was the Skull Kingdom, at the heart of which was Skull Mountain; the base of operations for the Warlock Lord. After his defeat at the hands of Shea Ohmsford, the Skull Kingdom fell into ruin and decay.

The SouthlandEdit

The Southland is inhabited mostly by the Race of Man. It was largely divided with the largest country being the Borderland of Callahorn until the Federation took over the Southland after the passing of the Druids. The largest city of Callahorn is the Border City of Tyrsis. Other cities include Varfleet, Leah and Kern. But these cities pale in comparison to the cities of the deep Southland, that formed the core of the Federation, cities such as Arishaig (the Federation capital) Wayford, Sterne, Dechtera, Pia, and Zolomach, all of which are sprawling industrialized cities. It also contains the village of Shady Vale, where Shea and Flick Ohmsford were raised. The Southland is separated from the Northland by the mountain range known as the Dragon's Teeth. It reaches as far as Lower Anar and Wolfsktaag Mountains in the east and Irrybis Mountains in the West. The southern border is unknown.

The EastlandEdit

The Eastland is the home of the Dwarven and Gnome races. Dwarves and Gnomes are bitter enemies, constantly fighting over territory. The Eastland was also home to Heaven's Well, the tower where the Ildatch was contained.

The WestlandEdit

The Westland is home to the Elven race. The Elves are mostly concentrated in the northern regions of the Westland, where their capital of Arborlon is situated. The town of Grimpen Ward, a haven for those who wish to flee their old lives with no questions asked, lies in the south of the Westland, in the Wilderun region that was also home to the elder witch sisters of the Morgawr.

In the southern region of the Westland lies Wing Hove, the home of the Sky Elves, a group which has remained separate from the rest of the Elven Nation for generations.

Other RegionsEdit

In the center of the Four Lands, under no particular ownership of any race, lies the Dragon's Teeth mountains, where the Valley of Shale and dread lake of the Hadeshorn are situated. North of the Dragon's Teeth is Paranor, the Druid Keep, and the forest surrounding it.

Hall of KingsEdit

The Hall of Kings is a series of chambers that are said to be built several centuries before. The chambers are filled with dangerous traps and creatures which trespassers must face. The first chamber is filled with stone sphinxes that turn anyone who looks at them to stone. The sphinxes also use telekinetic powers to force people to look at them. The second chamber is full of shrieking banshees that will gradually drive you insane. The third chamber is the burial chamber of the kings, being filled with treasure chests, jewels, gold and such. However, the treasures are coated with a venom that kills with just a touch. It also contains the hidden floor chamber which until recently held the Black Elfstone, until Uhl Belk stole it and left an asphinx in its place. The fourth, and last, chamber is guarded by the Valg. There are only a few people who are known to prevail over these obstacles, and that is the band of fighters in The Sword of Shannara, and Walker Boh.

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Eldwist Edit

Eldwist is a peninsula to the north of the Four Lands. During the events of the Heritage of Shannara series it was being turned to stone by The King of the Silver River's brother, Uhl Belk.

Morrowindl Edit

To the west of the four lands lies the island of Morrowindl. Some 200 miles across it is dominated by the unstable volcano Killeshan. It is hinted heavily in the book that Morrowindl could be the Old World area known as Hawaii. The book speaks of the "koa" which is an Hawaiian tree.

They made their camp at the foot of an ancient koa that fronted a small clearing.[1]

Parkasia Edit

Parkasia is located across the Blue Divide from the Four Lands. During The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara, Parkasia is under the control of Antrax, a sentinent computer type being created by the men of the Old World. The climate of Parkasia was controlled by Antrax, who kept the climate as that of summer. In actuality, Parkasia would be of a more frigid climate.

Parkasia is surrounded by cliffs where shrikes nest. The safest route is by a peninsula which is guarded by the Squirm. The Craken Rainforest farther inland is surrounded by the Aleuthra Ark Mountains.

Parkasia's native inhabitants are the Rindge. The Rindge often offer sacrifices up to Antrax believing him a God. The Ringe have a brown-red skin and pale red hair, and speak a dialect similar to ancient dwarven.

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