The Gypsy Morph is the third novel in Terry Brooks's fantasy trilogy entitled Genesis of Shannara, which bridges the events of Brooks' Word/Void trilogy with his Shannara series. It takes place in an apocalyptic world around the year 2100 and immediately follows the novel The Elves of Cintra. It details events during the Great Wars, a historical conflict referenced frequently in the Shannara books.

Plot SummaryEdit

A lone man named Willis, a former military officer, is trapped in a large nuclear missile silo complex with nothing to do but eat canned food, remember how his companions have died, and think about launching nuclear missiles. Willis is a ticking time bomb.

Angel Perez is found by Kirisin and Simralin Belloruus, and brought to the blind Elven tracker Larkin Quill for healing. Leaving Angel, Kirisin and Simralin use a hot-air balloon to travel to the Elven city of Arborlon, where they discover a demon army hiding outside the city, waiting for the order to attack. The two manage to evade the demon army and enter the city, where they gain an audience with the Elven High Council. The King is still skeptical about the danger awaiting Arborlon until it is violently revealed in the Council that the Elven Tracker Tragen is a demon in disguise. Tragen's murder convinces the Elven King that Arborlon and its guardian tree, the Ellcrys, must be sealed within the Loden for transport to a safe location.

Meanwhile, the Ghost tribe is reunited with Hawk, Tessa, and Cheney. Hawk uses his magic to heal the comatose Logan Tom, who has a vision in which he is instructed to help the Elves carry the Loden to safety. Logan leaves the Ghosts and finds Arborlon with the help of an Owl named Trim. There Logan meets and falls in love with Simralin.

Kirisin uses the magic of the Loden to encase the entire city and most of its inhabitants within the small stone. Simralin, the King, and a small contingent of Elves hold off the demon attackers so that Logan can help Kirisin escape with the stone. Simralin and her companions are separated from Logan and Kirisin, but not before Kirisin gives Simralin the Elfstones for protection. Kirisin is later captured by flying demons called Skrails, but he manages to drop the Loden before he is taken away to the demon camp. After a frightening interrogation by the demon commander Findo Gask, Kirisin is rescued by Logan. They then make their way to the camp of refugees led by Helen Rice.

After being healed by Larkin Quill, Angel and Larkin encounter a monstrous demon called the Klee which was sent by Findo Gask. The demon kills Larkin and flees. Angel leaves and travels towards the refugee camp.

As the Ghosts move eastward, Tessa reveals that she is pregnant with Hawk's child. After a skirmish with some militia, they are attacked by the Klee. Hawk finds he can use his magic to make himself invisible, and after a struggle with the ghosts, the Klee flees once more. The Ghosts eventually return to the refugee camp, with the Klee secretly following.

Logan, Angel, and the Ghosts are reunited at the camp. Logan and Angel leave in search of the Loden, which they find in the grasp of a fallen Elf comrade. They return to the camp and make preparations to defend the main bridge across the Columbia River against the advancing demon army, in the hope that this will give the refugees time to put some distance from their demon pursuers as they escape. After defending the position as long as possible, the order is given to blow up the bridge. However, the detonation mechanism fails. Fixit, a member of the Ghosts, manages to repair it but at the cost of his life: he is killed instantly in the explosion.

While searching for the Klee, Logan Tom finds Simralin, who recounts her narrow escape from the demons. They affirm their love for each other and return to the camp. Meanwhile, the Klee uses its shape shifting ability to trick Hawk and Tessa into leaving the camp in order to kill them. Candle senses the danger and brings Angel, Cheney, and several Ghosts to the rescue. Together they succeed in destroying the Klee.

Catalya, a human who is slowly turning into a Lizard due to radiation exposure, decides to leave the camp and travel the world on her own before she completes her transformation. She is worried that the Ghosts will reject her in her misshapen form. Panther uses Cheney to track her, and the three ultimately decide to travel north together on their own, choosing to live their lives in the wilderness.

When the demon army eventually catches up with the refugee caravan, Hawk uses his magic to create a massive earthquake which swallows the demon forces. Findo Gask, riding a Skrail, confronts Hawk and Angel and cripples them both. Logan and Simralin return in time and Logan engages Findo. Just when it seems that Findo might defeat Logan, Simralin uses the Elfstones to weaken him, giving Logan the chance to deal the finishing blow.

The caravan continues eastward towards the mountains for weeks, picking up equipment and groups of travelers, including various mutants, along the way. They finally arrive at a pristine valley and release Arborlon from the Loden. Hawk then leaves his friends and climbs to a lookout point where he uses his magic to generate a mist that encapsulates the entire valley, enveloping him as well.

The wall of mist protects the valley, along with Arborlon and the refugees, from the nuclear winter that begins when Willis, gone mad inside his nuclear missile bunker, launches all of the weapons. With the world outside Arborlon devastated, the refugees bide their time, safe in the valley within the bubble of Hawk's wild magic.

An unknown time later, Hawk emerges from the mist, drained of his magic powers, and heads back into the valley in search of his old life.

Characters in The Gypsy MorphEdit

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