The Measure of the Magic is a fantasy novel by Terry Brooks released on August 23, 2011 as the second book of the Legends of Shannara duology. It wraps up the events that are taking place five hundred years after the Great Wars.

As the enchanted barrier protecting the survivors of the Great Wars crumbles, the threat of the wild outside world becomes very prominent. Before his death, Sider Ament gave young Panterra Qu stewardship of the last black staff, and all of the responsibilities that go along with it. The new bearer has to deal with an army of bloodthirsty Trolls intent on invading the valley. He has to work through the conspiracy behind the murder of the Elf king. And most importantly he has to win in a confrontation between good and evil, where his opponent, a demon of immense skill, wants nothing more than the power of the last black staff... and the life of whoever wields it.

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