After pouring over maps, drawings, accounts of travel, and several e-mails, I have so far been able to make some corralations between places in the stories and their possible contemporary locations. These are subject to some skepticism as I can't contact Brooks for confirmation...

The Breakline: Vancouver Island

Kierlak Desert: Peuget Sound

Kenesrowe Mnts.: Olympic Ntnl. Park

Arborlon: Near Seatle, Wa

Grimpen Ward: Near Aberdeen, Or.

Paranor: Mt. Renier

Arisburg: Eugene, Or.

Dechtera: Madras, Or.

Wayford: Bend, Or.

Rainbow lake: The Dalles, Or.

Culhaven: Arlington, Or.

  • The Dome at Eldwist: Pengrowth Saddledome; Calgary, Alberta Canada

  • This is perhaps the most spurious of my correlations. But as unlikely as it seems, it is the only old world city of size that has a sports dome situated both, next to a metropolitan downtown area with skyscrappers, and also in the general direction of the storyline.

Any claims I have made to fit the Places of Shannara to contemporary locations are the products of insomnia and far too much free time...

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