Trefen Morys is a character in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. He is a young novice Druid and one of the few left in the Druid Order who supports Grianne Ohmsford, their embattled Ard Rhys.


Early LifeEdit

Trefen was born and raised in a village in the Runne Mountains, near Rainbow Lake. Only a couple of years before Grianne's sudden disappearance, he came to Paranor on his own, seeking a chance to study with the Druids. His friend, the fellow novice Druid Bellizen, came from a village near his, but they did not know each other before Paranor and had become friends since joining the Order. As younger Druids, Trefen and Bellizen never knew Grianne as the Ilse Witch and did not associate their Ard Rhys with her past life as the Witch, seeing in Grianne only her will to do what was right for the Four Lands.

Quest to Save the Ard RhysEdit

When Grianne disappeared, Trefen was sure that Shadea a'Ru and those who followed her had something to do with it, especially after they seized control of the Druid Order. Then Tagwen disappeared, and the word went out that they were looking for Grianne's brother Bek Ohmsford, as well as his wife Rue Meridian and their son Pen Ohmsford. It was all too clear to Trefen that the mutinous Druid faction meant to stop any effort at finding Grianne.

When Shadea imprisoned Bek and Rue in Paranor, Trefen and Bellizen took action. They waited for the right time to set Bek and Rue free, biding their time until Shadea had gone south to meet with Sen Dunsidan, the Prime Minister of the Federation, and until her allies Traunt Rowan and Pyson Wence had flown north in search of Pen.

While Bellizen secured an airship for Bek and Rue's escape, Trefen drugged the Gnomes guarding Rue's cell and freed her first. Trefen and Rue then went to where Bek was imprisoned, and Rue fought with the Gnome guards to set him free. Rue was forced to take on the Gnome guards on her own since Trefen, as a young Druid who studied rocks and soils, had never fought or used his magic as a weapon.

Trefen didn't prove to be completely useless in battle, however. After Rue freed Bek, the three were forced to flee from Gnome guards, and Trefen used his magic to fuse the locks of doors shut. When they made it to the courtyard where the airships were kept, he used his magic to throw up clouds of dust, hindering the Gnomes' vision as they fired projectiles at the fleeing trio.

Bellizen was waiting for them on board Swift Sure, Bek and Rue's airship. Rue reached the airship first and flew it over to where Trefen and Bek, who had fallen behind because Bek had been seriously wounded, were about to be overrun by Shadea's Gnome mercenaries. She rescued the pair and the four flew away from Paranor.

While he was delirious, feverish, and recovering from his injury, Bek was visited in a dream by the King of the Silver River. The Faerie creature directed him to go to Stridegate, and when he woke, he passed on the King's message to Rue, Trefen, and Bellizen.

The four flew to Stridegate, where they found Tagwen, Kermadec, and the remaining Trolls of Kermadec's exiled Druid Guard stuck in a tower, besieged by Urdas. They rescued their allies with the help of Bek and his wishsong, and once everyone was safely aboard the Swift Sure Tagwen told them that Pen had been captured and taken to Paranor by Traunt Rowan and Pyson Wence. Khyber Elessedil had also disappeared, and they assumed that she must have stowed away on one of the Druid airships to follow Pen to Paranor.

Together the company flew back to Paranor, where Tagwen led the party through secret underground passageways back into the Druids' Keep. From there, Rue, Bek, and Tagwen went back into the passageways to find Grianne's sleeping chambers, as that was where Pen would bring her out from the Forbidding. Trefen and Bellizen led the Trolls up from the bowels of the Keep to where they could access one of the gates leading into Paranor, so that they could open it up for oncoming Troll forces.

However, while making their way through the Keep, the group was spotted by Gnome mercenaries. The Trolls escaped, but Trefen and Bellizen decided to stay within the Keep, with Trefen pointing out that they had no combat skills and might be of better use inside the Keep as a distraction.

Trefen and Bellizen were pursued by the Gnomes all through the halls of the Keep. Eventually, they became trapped in the top room inside a tower. Adamant that they would not be taken alive by the Gnomes, they went to the window, preparing to jump to their deaths. But just as they were about to jump, the Rock Trolls of Taupo Rough sounded their horns and came out of the forest surrounding the walls of Paranor, and the Gnomes abandoned their pursuit of the two young Druids to face the new threat.

Once Grianne was returned from the Forbidding and killed Pyson Wence and Shadea with Kermadec's help, the Gnomes fled and the threat to the Druids was officially vanquished.


Although Trefen and Bellizen were young, novice Druids with little in the way of skills or magic, their help was vital to saving Grianne Ohmsford and stopping the mutinous Druid faction from taking over for good. They also prevented the deaths of many of Grianne's relatives and allies who were seeking to free her from the Forbidding.

After Grianne finished her final tasks as Ard Rhys and dissolved the Third Druid Council for good, she left Paranor in the care of Khyber, Trefen, and Bellizen, charging them with the task of maintaining the Druid's Keep and keeping the flame alive until the time was right to create a Fourth Druid Order. Centuries later, the Fourth Druid Order continues to be active and functional, with Khyber having served as its first Ard Rhys.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Trefen has lank brown hair, angular features, and an infectious smile. His face is guileless and welcoming.

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