Triss is a character in The Heritage of Shannara tetralogy. He was Captain of the Home Guard during the reigns of Ellenroh Elessedil and Wren Elessedil.

Triss and Gavilan Elessedil were childhood friends. When Wren first meets Triss, he has been Captain of the Home Guard for almost eight years, despite being not much older than Wren.

After Ellenroh enclosed Arborlon and the Elves inside the Loden, she, Wren, Triss, and others tried to escape Morrowindl and return the Elves to the Four Lands. Along with Wren, Triss was the only one of the nine-member company to survive the journey. He became Wren's fierce protector after the death of her mentor Garth and once the Elves were restored to the Westland he supported her before the High Council, who were initially distrustful of their new Queen.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Triss is described as being a plain man with shoulder-length brown hair and of medium height and build. He is clean-shaven, with a lean, tanned face and penetrating, dark gray eyes. Wren's first impression of him is how open and honest his gaze seems to be.

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