Truls Rohk is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks. He is a shape-shifter from the Eastland who accompanies the Druid Walker Boh to Parkasia on the airship Jerle Shannara. Truls possesses great agility, a formidable handle on magic, and superior instincts and survival skills. He is a logical, matter-of-fact person who is left broken and conflicted over his dual nature.


Truls Rohk is a hybrid, half-man, half-spirit creature. His father was a Borderman who learned the paths running through the Wolfsktaag Mountains and was more at home in the wilderness than in civilization.

During a trip in the Wolfsktaag, the Borderman encountered Truls Rohk's mother, a shape-shifter who at the time felt the irresistible urge to mate. The Borderman was caught up in her passion, and afterwards, when the Borderman awoke from a deep sleep, the shape-shifter was gone.

However, the Borderman was overcome with his lust for his mate and extensively searched the Wolfsktaag for her. When she finally reappeared to him by a lake, she revealed that their coupling had produced a son. The shape-shifter seemed disinterested in the Borderman and told him to forget her, her memory of him already fading. In a rage, the Borderman killed her, and set out to kill the boy as well. However, he fell asleep from exhaustion after hours of searching for the boy, and Truls Rohk snuck up and cut his father's throat with the Borderman's own dagger.

It was only afterwards that Truls realized that he was alone. He could never fit in with mankind, and the spirit-creatures rejected him, for they rejected the cross-mating of his parents. The giant, misshapen Truls lived alone in the Wolfsktaag, meeting only two beings he might count as friends: the Druid Walker Boh and the Dwarf Panax. He accompanied Walker on several quests.

When Truls Rohk was older, Bek Rowe and his cousin Quentin Leah came with their Wolfsktaag guide Panax to Truls Rohk, seeking to gain his participation in Walker's quest to the land of Parkasia. Rohk agreed, for reasons of his own. He had rescued Bek as a boy and agreed to accompany them on Walker's quest, both to watch over Bek and to educate the boy on the use of the wishsong. The Jerle Shannara was the airship that took Walker and his company to Parkasia, and none on the crew even knew that Truls was aboard, aside from Walker, Bek, Quentin, and Panax, for Truls preferred darkness and solitude. For this reason, Truls did not appear during the expedition until Walker summoned him to search for and report to him the general location of a key on the island of Shatterstone. Truls found its location and reported it to Walker, and also warned him of a presence he had felt in the vicinity of the key.

Walker later called on Truls again to recover the key on the island of Mephitic. Truls secretly enlisted Bek to help him, revealing to him his true identity as Bek Ohmsford and then teaching him a little bit about the use of the wishsong. Truls and Bek recovered the key, and Walker was outraged at the fact Bek had gone, because he had not wanted Bek to learn about his magic and heritage until the time was right.

Truls Rohk later boarded Black Moclips, the airship under the command of the Grianne Ohmsford, the Ilse Witch. He did so when Jerle Shannara and Black Moclips accidentally collided in the heavy fog, and the Ilse Witch nearly detected his presence. He successfully hid on the ship, however, in concealment for the remainder of its journey.

The next time he appeared was to rescue Bek from the Ilse Witch in Parkasia, and the two attempted to escape the Witch and the Jachyra she had created. On the final night of the chase, Truls backtracked to see how far ahead he and Bek were from their pursuers. He spotted her far away repeatedly walking in and out of the trees, as if in a trance, and he realized too late that this was just an illusion set up by the Witch. When he returned to where he had left Bek, he found him gone and the Jachyra waiting for him.

Truls was only saved from the Jachyra when shape-shifters in the trees intervened, seizing it. They did this despite their rejection of half-breeds such as Truls: The reason for this blessing was that Bek had earlier told these woodland shape-shifters that he would give up his life for Truls, and they had acted out of respect for Bek's statement.

When Truls did not immediately return, Bek assumed he was dead, but in fact the shape-shifters had put Truls to sleep, and so he was delayed. After the Ilse Witch confined Bek to Black Moclips under the watch of her crew of Mwellrets and Federation soldiers, Truls singlehandedly boarded the airship and saved Bek. The two narrowly escaped and headed to Castledown, the home of Antrax, in order to help their travel companions. When they reached the heart of Castledown, they found Grianne, Sword of Shannara in hand, bending over a bloody and dying Walker. Truls attacked the Ilse Witch, but Bek stopped him with the wishsong.

Grianne was in fact catatonic, and Bek convinced a reluctant Truls to bring her along. By this point, the Morgawr was pursuing them for the purpose of finding the Ilse Witch. Bek, Grianne, and Truls were pursued, enduring harsh conditions, until they ran into the Jachyra creature that the Ilse Witch had summoned earlier. It solely wanted revenge on the Ilse Witch, and Truls' logic and survival instincts told him to leave Grianne to the creature's mercy. However, Bek, who was her brother, flatly refused. He told Truls that he could leave them if he wished, and Truls did so. As he was leaving, however, Bek was attacked with great speed by the creature, and Truls returned and intercepted it with even greater swiftness. After a long and ferocious battle, Truls killed the beast but had not been quick enough to avoid its extremely venomous poison, and he began dying.

Bek led Truls and the catatonic Grianne to the shape-shifters, not knowing who else to turn to for help. The spirits asked Bek if he would allow them to destroy the human half of Truls so his shape-shifter half could be liberated and survive, even if it meant that he would have to become one of the spirits. Bek agreed, and Truls Rohk ceased to exist. He was finally free.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Because of Truls' parentage, he had a painful, extremely grotesque physiology. His half-human, half-spirit heritage gave him a body that was a mass of constantly shifting and reforming parts, with limbs and facial features disappearing into smoke before reappearing. Because of his alarming physiology, he stayed fully dressed and fully cloaked and hooded at all times, except for when Bek asked to be allowed to look at his true self.

Truls is the first shape-shifter/human hybrid to appear in the Shannara series, and his physiology is starkly different to that of other shape-shifter/human hybrids like Oriantha and Imric Cort, who look the same as most people aside from their innate ability to shape-shift.

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