Urdas are a people who are part Gnome, part Troll. They live deep in the Northland and are not found south of the Charnal Mountains. They are a highly insular people whom even Rock Trolls regard as primitive savages. Quickening and her party encounter them on the way to Eldwist when they are caught by hundreds of Urdas in the Spikes, a forested valley within the Charnals characterized by a ridgeline of dead, spike-like trees running down its center.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Tracker Horner Dees said that Urdas are "Gnomes with a little Troll thrown in. No one has ever been sure of the exact mix."

Urdas are described as small, squat creatures with yellow eyes, bony features, and hairy, gnarled limbs. They have thickly muscled bodies with short, powerful legs and long arms. When they are first encountered by Quickening's party, they are said to look as if they had grown out of the scrub from which they had emerged, because they looked so much like it. It was only their short pants and weapons that seemed to separate them from the brush. Although they are small, in large numbers they can be very dangerous.


Like Gnomes, Urdas are very tribal and superstitious. They consider Old World ruins such as Eldwist and Stridegate to be sacred ground, and they will respond aggressively to incursions by outsiders into such territory. Their ancestral home is the valley known as the Inkrim, and they typically live in small fortified villages.

Because of their superstitious nature, Urdas value magic. Despite shunning the company of outsiders, they captured the traveling tunesmith Carisman and made him their token figurehead because they thought his voice to be magical. They also tried to keep Quickening as their prisoner because of her magical nature, with the intent of keeping her as a mate for Carisman.

Urdas fight with short spears and strangely shaped throwing implements with razor edges.

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