With the new series halfway through its production run, I have been asked by some of the editors here how the articles on the wiki, namely the Characters pages, are going to be handled.

Obviously something even as epic as The Shannara Chronicles television series won't have 100% of the ability to mimic every single detail from the classic Terry Brooks' book, The Elfstones of Shannara, upon which it is based.

Therefore, a conundrum of sorts arises. How do we here at the wiki stay as faithfully as possible to both the Book series as well as the television without neglecting or hampering one or the other?

I would like to hear opinions from anyone wishing to voice an opinion about how the wiki will grow with these new developments.

Some suggestions already posed are:

  • Keep one page for each character but break up sections for it, with both one for the original book-based appearance of the characters, and another section on the same page based off of how the television series deviates from the original character.
  • Make two separate pages for each character, one for the television version of the character, and one for the original. Thus we would have two pages for each character.
  • Use an idea akin to that of how Eretria's page is handled, with something called 'tabbers' that allows a user to switch back and forth between the two pages which still keeping it on the same "page".

Any other suggestions are also helpful, like for instance on the Eretria page again, I like how the Television series uses one infoBox style, while the page derived from the book series uses another. This helps to quickly visually distinguish the two and keeps them separate.

Please let me know what you think and any other suggestions you might have. :)

- Geist