• Wilohmsford

    Andernon Slash :D

    January 11, 2017 by Wilohmsford

    I low-key ship Allanon and Ander in the The Shannara Chronicles so I'm posting a couple short, slashy, and sweet Andernon fanvids here. :D Truth be told I actually ship Allanon more with Bandon but there doesn't seem to be any fanvids for them yet... but anyway I digress:

    Also, here are a few Andernon videos where the owner has disabled embedding so I am just posting the direct links:

    • Allanon Ander SLASH – Breath of Life
    • Allanon Ander SLASH – False King
    • Allanon Ander SLASH – An Unfinished Line (slightly NSFW)


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  • Wilohmsford

    My favorite Shannara characters and why I love them:

    • Wren Elessedil — Because she is unquestionably the biggest badass in all the Four Lands AND Morrowindl.
    • Stresa — I just love saying Stresa's noises out loud whenever I reread Elf Queen of Shannara, lolololol.
    • Triss — I will always love Triss for the way he leads Arborlon in kneeling before Wren and proclaiming her Queen of the Elves after Arborlon is restored.
    • Wil Ohmsford — He's kind of a blundering hot mess but I really like that one significant aspect of his struggle to master the Elfstones comes from the fact that he's a Healer and is troubled by the idea of having to hurt or kill in order to accomplish what needs to be done.
    • Amberle Elessedil — I know a some folks see her as a damsel-in-distr…
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