My favorite Shannara characters and why I love them:

  • Wren Elessedil — Because she is unquestionably the biggest badass in all the Four Lands AND Morrowindl.
  • Stresa — I just love saying Stresa's noises out loud whenever I reread Elf Queen of Shannara, lolololol.
  • Triss — I will always love Triss for the way he leads Arborlon in kneeling before Wren and proclaiming her Queen of the Elves after Arborlon is restored.
  • Wil Ohmsford — He's kind of a blundering hot mess but I really like that one significant aspect of his struggle to master the Elfstones comes from the fact that he's a Healer and is troubled by the idea of having to hurt or kill in order to accomplish what needs to be done.
  • Amberle Elessedil — I know a some folks see her as a damsel-in-distress character but I really love her. I think the way she handles herself on her quest is incredibly brave and I like that even after fleeing from the Ellcrys she's doing the Elven thing of giving back to the land, by teaching children in Havenstead about living things and the environment.
  • Ander Elessedil — Ander's the best. Goes from being the less loved son of Eventine, always in the shadow of his handsome jock older brother, to becoming one of the Elves' greatest rulers.
  • Walker Boh — He's not as much of a fave as the others but whenever I reread Druid of Shannara I'm always struck by how much I identify with his feelings regarding his fate, obligations, choices, sense of isolation from others, etc. He's so wangsty! :D Definitely the most emo of the Druids.
  • Pe Ell — Okay he's a killer and a creep so he's not really a fave, but I really just enjoy watching him go through a slow nervous breakdown thanks to Quickening's manipulation of him. :) I love how he tries to exert this extreme level of control over his life and how he's not afraid to put the Stiehl right in Rimmer Dall's face. I love how cautious and quick on his feet he is. I'd enjoy his character a lot less if I didn't know for sure that he gets whats coming to him in the end, and that he dies pathetic and scared, a shell of the cold-blooded killer he used to be.

Feel free to comment and let me know who your faves are. :)