The city of Varfleet guards the only sizable passage through the Runne Mountains. The people of Varfleet understand what it means to live at the edge of civilization. The town is always the first to feel the brunt from any northern or eastern attack, the first to fall, and the first to overcome its losses and rebuild.

Second War of the RacesEdit

The Northland army razed the original town of Varfleet during the Second War of the Races. It was an attack no one expected. At the time, Varfleet had no wall and no fortifications. All of its people were killed or driven off, except one—a boy called Allanon. The Druid Bremen found Allanon amongst the town's destruction and took him in and raised him as a son. The city was rebuilt thirty years later, with a stone wall for protection.

Third War of the RacesEdit

During the Third War of the Races, the wall and the city's garrison managed to keep the city from being overrun, but only because the Northland army focused it energies against Tyrsis once Varfleet was rendered helpless. After the war, the proud city rebuilt once again, strengthening the outer walls and ramparts with stone but constructing most of the interior buildings of slat wood.

Federation ControlEdit

Years later the wall did little good against the Federation. Unlike Tyrsis, Varfleet was so far from the centers of Federation rule that they rarely enforced their laws. It became a haven for refugees and the lawless. The Free-born Resistance Movement thrived in the city. There were too few trained Federation officers to cause them trouble and large numbers of dissatisfied people who were eager to become part of a revolution.

Freedom Once MoreEdit

Once the Shadowen fell, Varfleet was the first of the border cities to rid itself of its Federation masters. Once it was free, the city served as a support base for those who fought with the Dwarves against the Federation. Varfleet is now once again a proud border city, despite the fact that she is not as beautiful as its sister city Tyrsis. Supported by farming, fishing, and of course trade, it is a thriving metropolis only slightly smaller than Tyrsis.

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