Vree Erreden Edit

     Vree Erreden is a locat, a mystic who specializes in finding people who were missing and objects that were lost. Being a reclusive, distracted and shy man with little concern for anything beyond his work, Vree Erreden was not well regarded among most Elves. Vree did not himself make any claims to his accomplishments, the claims where made by others. Tay Trefenwyd picked Vree to join his party in search of the Black Elfstone due to his skill in locating missing objects. When asked, Vree simply asked him for his hands. Grabbing them, Tay came to know that Vree had read the Druid's mind to find the vision that was there from Bremen.

     Twice during the journey to the Black Elfstone Vree's talents proved useful. One was in locating Preia Starle in a draw with horses, while the party was trying to out maneuver a Gnome hunting party. That vision had saved the party. The other was when he grabbed Jerle Shannara's hands and read his mind like he had done with Tay, to find out where the particular mountain they where looking for from the vision Bremen imparted. He searched Jerle's mind for a vision of mountains that match the vision he had received from reading Tay's mind. With that information they where able to easily reach their destination. Afterwards the survivors return to Arborlon. Originally Jerle didn't like or see the need for the locat. But after the death of Tay they drew close together in a friendship, with Vree pledging his services to Jerle. A few weeks after their return, Vree pays Jerle a visit. Vree explained that when he had read Tay's mind, he had seen all four visions imparted by Bremen to Tay. Vree had a dream the previous night and it was made known to him that the vision of a man wielding a sword against the Warlock Lord was in fact Jerle. Jerle in his despondent, upside down world, refused to believe the vision of the locat and the words of Preia.

    On Jerle's coronation Vree is made First Minister by the new king. He was left in Arborlon to manage the city and it's defenses while the Battle of Rhenn was being waged at the end of the Second War of the Races.

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