Weka Dart is a character in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. He is one of the Ulk Bog, monkey-like creatures that were banished to the Forbidding during the Age of Faerie.

High Druid of ShannaraEdit

When Grianne Ohmsford is first trapped in the Forbidding, she sees Weka Dart in a tree, hiding from a Dracha. Using the power of the wishsong, she knocks him out of it. He berates her for knocking him out and she discovers that he communicates in a language similar to Elfish.

Weka Dart agrees to guide Grianne around the Forbidding. He leaves her abruptly a few times, though he has his reasons. Upon rescuing Grianne from the dungeons of the Straken Lord Tael Riverine, Weka Dart reveals that he was once the Straken Lord's Catcher, before Hobstull replaced him. He decides that he wants to come with Grianne to her world with she breaks out of the Forbidding, but when Pen Ohmsford arrives he reveals that the darkwand he brought with him to free Grianne can only set things back to the way they were, and that it can't transfer beings freely from the Forbidding and back.

Grianne breaks the news to Weka Dart, who is initially furious. However, upon learning that there are no creatures remotely like him in Grianne's world, he starts to reconsider. Eventually he says that her world sounds "boring" and abruptly leaves her, staying in the Forbidding.

A century later, Weka's niece Tesla Dart, having heard the stories of Grianne from her uncle, helps Redden Ohmsford traverse the Forbidding and helps him find where the other Elfstones besides the blue ones can be found. She follows Redden out of the Forbidding, eager to live in his world, but is forced back to the Forbidding when the Ellcrys is reborn again.

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