The Westland is located in the western portion of the Four Lands. It is hemmed in by the Blue Divide on the west. On the east, it roughly borders the Northland at the Kershalt Territory and the Valley of Rhenn, the Borderlands at the Mermidon River, and the Southland at the Tirfing.


The Westland is the home of the Elves and of the Rovers. Most Elves live in and around the capital city of Arborlon in the northern part of the Westland, while Rovers live in the south. The Sky Elves live apart from other Elves in and around the community of Wing Hove, far south on the coast of the Blue Divide.

Notable Landmarks

  • Arborlon — Capital of the Elves and a city that predates the Great Wars. The First War of the Races had seen the decline of the Race of Man in the affairs of the world, while the Elves and Arborlon took on an increasingly important role as a major influence in the Four Lands. Centuries after the time of the Druid Allanon, Arborlon still stands, and has even survived a temporary move of about 100 years to the island of Morrowindl and back.
  • Breakline — A series of very steep and craggy mountains that are the northern extension of the Kensrowe Mountains. The reach into the Kershalt Territory in the Northland. The Elves do not venture here much, and few if any of the Races are known to live or travel in the Breakline.
  • Chew Magna — An ancient fortress located deep in the Kensrowe. It is here that the Black Elfstone is found by Tay Trefenwyd and Jerle Shannara.
  • Hoare Flats — A dry, cracked desert area that stretches out past the Kensrowe Mountains to the Blue Divide. It was at the Hoare Flats that the Demons broke through the Forbidding, before attacking the Elves and the Ellcrys in the War of the Forbidding.
  • Hollows — The lowlands around the solitary peak called Spire's Reach and home to the Witch Sisters Morag and Mallenroh. Safehold and the Bloodfire are found underneath Spire's Reach.
  • Kensrowe Mountains — A range of steep and largely impassable mountains bordering the north end of Sarandanon.
  • Rill Song — A lovely river that feeds the lake Innisbore and also makes a natural barrier at the western entrance to Arborlon.
  • Safehold — A maze of tunnels beneath Spire's Reach that houses the Bloodfire. The Ellcrys cannot be reborn and renewed unless its seed is immersed in the Bloodfire.
  • Sarandanon — The breadbasket of the Elves, filled with farmland and rolling hills.
  • Valley of Rhenn — The eastern gateway to Arborlon, which begin as an inviting, gentle stretch of grasslands that quickly narrow and rises to meet steep bluffs. The Rhenn is full of thick forests that make the valley a natural defensive barrier against any army coming from the east. During the time of the Second War of the Races, the valley was the site of a tremendous battle between the Warlock Lord's army and the Elven army led by Jerle Shannara.
  • Wilderun — Wild country almost completely surrounded by the Rock Spur and Irrybis Mountains. Its only major community is Grimpen Ward.
  • Wing Hove — Coastal community by the Blue Divide populated by the Sky Elves. The Sky Elves maintain a special bond with Rocs, giant coastal birds that they use for transport. Elves who ride Rocs are called Wing Riders.