Whisper is a character in The Wishsong of Shannara. He is a moor cat who is owned by Kimber Boh and lives near Hearthstone.


Whisper was raised by Kimber from a young age.

Whisper battles Mutens and a Mord Wraith, who nearly kill him until Brin Ohmsford heals him with the wishsong. He helps Brin and her companions reach the Maelmord, at which point Brin uses the wishsong on him to prevent him from following her into the Maelmord. Whisper then acted as a guard, preventing Cogline, Kimber, and Rone Leah from following Brin into the Maelmord to destroy the Ildatch. It is assumed he returned to his life with Cogline and Kimber after the Ildatch was destroyed.

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